Tokenomics Update

As always, our goal with Tokenomics design and all changes we are making is to emphasize longevity, stability and alignment of all partners for the long-term success of the Blast Royale.


  1. Playing Rewards unlock is longer to guarantee the presence of BLT in a longer-term
  2. We unlock more at TGE from the Ecosystem pool to have BLT ready to list on external exchanges
  3. We are no longer using the bonding curve
  4. Public Sales pool being split into halves, with the first half called Strategic Round — aimed at KOLs

Now let’s dive into more details ⬇️

Token Bonding Curve

When we first heard about the bonding curve, this concept seemed like an interesting idea that can help the project. And we lived with it for a while.

But the more we were learning about the curve and the market in general and the more research we were doing — the more clarity we were getting on the subject. Additionally, when releasing news of our project and approaching potentially interested parties, we noticed that our investors, advisors and community weren’t intuitively familiar with a Token Bonding Curve in terms of how it functioned and the impact it has on market dynamics. We were looking at the curve as a way to reduce risks, but now, with more learnings and experience acquired, we understand that it actually brings even more risks to the project. That’s why we’ve decided to drop the Curve altogether.

The main reasons why:

  • It is still a concept that is too novel and didn’t yet prove itself in web3 gaming at scale.
  • Mistakes made with the launch and setup of the curve will be close to impossible to fix due to the nature of the curve being a smart contract, and it can easily jeopardize the whole economy.
  • The curve doesn’t prevent spikes of the token price.
  • Many people don’t know what the curve is and how it works, and it creates an additional entry barrier on top of other things that will decrease the adoption of the project by a larger audience and, essentially, prevent growth.

What does it change for you — our players? Mainly, it just makes things simpler. Over the next months, we’ll be making announcements about which launchpad Blast Royale will debut on, and what listings you’ll be able to purchase the BLT from too, which we were planning to allow anyway. The supply of BLT is now capped by 512 million, and we will use market makers to help us manage the token. All those changes are reflected in our Whitepaper. And our focus stays, as always, on the quality of the game and making it fun and long-lasting. Continuously running live service games is in our blood and is something we are passionate about.

Tokens Allocation Changes

Updated allocation chart
Updated Allocation Chart

As part of bringing more details into the Public Sales strategy, we divided the Public Sales pool into two equal pools — 2.5% of the whole tokens in each one.

The first part is called “Strategic Round” and is aimed at KOLs and other partners in that area. We made it as a separate pool to keep things more clear for everyone and also apply a different — longer — unlock schedule for Strategic Round participants. But more on this further in the article.

The second part keeps the name “Public Sales”. And these sales will be conducted in a few smaller rounds, but we will share more details on them when we have a clear picture of the structure with dates and platforms secured.

Tokens Unlock Changes

New Tokens Unlock Chart

Alignment around long-term success is very important. That’s why we made a few changes to the unlock schedules to make them longer. We also came closer to a decision point about listing BLT on external exchanges, and the necessity for liquidity is reflected in the unlock as well. But let’s go through all the changes one by one ⬇️

Playing Rewards

We made unlock longer to guarantee the presence of BLT in this pool in the longer term. 3% will be unlocked at the TGE and then 1.5% more each month.

Public Sales

As with the playing rewards pool, we made public sales unlock slightly longer, not touching the TGE part. 10% will be unlocked at the TGE and then 8% more each month.

Ecosystem & Development

We unlock more at TGE, and the majority of TGE unlocked tokens will be used to provide liquidity to list and support our tokens on external exchanges. While the rest of the tokens will be used for growth activities. 8% will be unlocked at the TGE and then 2.5% more each month.

Strategic Round

As we mentioned above, this is the new pool aimed at KOLs. The rules for this pool are: 15% unlocked at the TGE then 14.5% more every 3 months.

Looking forward

As the project goes through the stages we have more and more details to share with our community. And we are grateful for your support and feedback on this exciting journey, LFG!

To stay up to date with our journey, follow Blast Royale on these channels:

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Visit our other Blast Royale channels on Linktree 🪂




We are a group of seasoned game makers from diverse gaming backgrounds assembled to build a world class Free to play Fun to Earn game studio.

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Blast Royale

Blast Royale

We are a group of seasoned game makers from diverse gaming backgrounds assembled to build a world class Free to play Fun to Earn game studio.

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