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During the Blast Royale beta, some brilliant clans have joined our community who are all playing a part in forging a competitive scene in the game. Throughout this series of interviews, we chat to the leaders of these clans to find out about the early esports scene of Blast Royale. This week, we chatted with Raptr, who leads the Blast Royale team of DNG esports.

Hi Raptr! Thanks for chatting to us today. Tell us about yourself and DNG eSports.

I’ve always had a dream to become an esports player. In 2022, I got the opportunity to lead the Blast Royale team in DNG eSports — so I’ve finally achieved my goal.

Well done! Tell us more about DNG — when was it created and why?

DNG eSports was created on the 5th November 2018 by DNG Nova and DNG Kappa, as a clan for Battlelands Royale. They created it to build an amazing family-like community that will always support its players. Our Blast Royale roster is quite new, but we also have competitive players in Fortnite, Valorant, and Apex Legends.

What would you say DNG’s biggest achievement is so far?

In my opinion, DNG was the best team in Battlelands Royale — we were 18 time champions in tournaments in that game. DNG also placed 3rd in the first Blast Royale Clan Tournament — and we’re looking forward to even greater achievements in the future.

Congratulations! DNG has teams in many games already, so what brings you to Blast Royale?

DNG was looking for a similar game to Battlelands Royale after its servers shut down. Blast Royale was the first game that caught our eye — the style looked good to us and it’s also a competitive game — which is perfect for DNG eSports. We are happy to be joining the new game and looking forward to bring some big achievements home!

Good luck — we’ll have lots more tournaments in the future, so plenty of chances for DNG to take home some wins! More personally, what would you say is the most challenging aspect of being a clan leader and would you give any advice to people aspiring to lead a clan?

I would say the most difficult thing is to keep your players and your community happy. As a clan leader, you can face a lot of hate and toxicity from the community or other teams. Your members may even leave your team and join other ones, but as a leader you have to stay tough in these moments — there are better times on the other side!

Staying positive is the key! Finally, I’ll ask a question on behalf of any Blast Royale community members who are reading this and might want to join DNG — are you recruiting new members at the moment? How would aspiring clan members join your roster?

We keep our recruitment process quite secretive. But if you’re interesting in finding out more about DNG, you can find our Discord server here: 🔥

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