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11 min readOct 19, 2022

This is the penultimate update before the final round of testing, and we’re so excited to share the patch notes with you!

The new version has A LOT of major updates and changes, so let’s take a deep dive. ⤵️


New! 💻 Login flow.

Players can now register new accounts in the game directly without the need to go to the BlastHub.

There is also the new option to start the game as a Guest.

In this case the players now have the option to later login or register a new account from the Settings menu!

Note: Guests however won’t have options to play ranked and so on.

New! 🏘 Home Screen

The home screen has been revamped with better looking and clean visuals!

Also new Background to match the new cool UI

New! 💀 Deathmarkers

There are now markers on the ground when a player dies in the match. Take a look at some concept drawings we have been exploring for these markers.

New! 🎟 Blast Pass

For the first time, Blast Pass Points are now available for players to earn during a match to level up their Blast Pass.

When levelling up, new non-NFT equipment are able to be collected.

Blast Pass Points can be earned both in Ranked and Casual matches, but not in custom game

New! 🔫 Non-NFT equipment

Non-NFT equipment now exist in the game.

To play Ranked matches a player has to have at least 3 equipment pieces equipped — but those pieces might be NFTs or non-NFTs in any combination.

To have a pool of Craft Spice though a player has to own NFTs and use at least one NFT in a Ranked match to be able to take Craft Spice from their earning pool.

New! 📱Custom Game screen

Players can now choose a game mode, a map, and up to two mutators.

🔄 Systems update 🔄

  • “Might” calculation was changed to accommodate new stats that we’ve added and improve ratios of how stats are being converted into “Might”

Equipment items now have two more stats: Ammo Capacity and Shields Capacity

  • Ammo Capacity — all weapons come with their default values, but using gear you can slightly push the amount of ammo capacity further
  • Shields Capacity — now some gear pieces can increase the total amount of shields a player can obtain during a match

🧭 We’ve improved the weapons accuracy system — now the majority of bullets fly closer to the center of the accuracy arch, roughly like it would happen in a real world.

  • To determine the angle of a bullet trajectory we were using uniform random. But now we use the approximation of normal distribution. We used approximation for performance reasons because simulating more precise normal distribution is a very expensive operation.

🎁 We improved Crates drop logic for important things (equipment and shields capacity) so crates are more useful at any stage of the game:

  • First crate will drop you a weapon (if you don’t have them already)
  • Then crates will drop gear from your loadout
  • Then crates will drop you either shields capacity or equipment of higher rarity than you have equipped — this way even if you have a full loadout equipped it’s still useful to keep opening crates
  • All crates also have chances to additionally drop other things like ammo, health, shields replenishers etc.

Armor stat has been improved to work as a % reduction. Previously it was a value decrease which may cause situations of players having no damage at all.

Pickup Speed got changed to work as a % reduction as well.

🛠 Improvements 🛠

  • Added new backend more powerful servers to improve network lag between players in a match
  • If you pick up in a match the same weapon but of higher rarity then you no longer drop the lower rarity one on the floor
  • Improved the Battle Royale map image in the matchmaking screen to be a bit bigger and better reflect the real map size
  • Improved the Equipment card visuals in the equipment screen to better match the 3D art visuals
  • Improved the Airdrops to always be inside of the shrinking circle and avoid impossible drop collections
  • Increase a bit the performance of battle royale games in the beginning of the match
  • Improved the visuals of the grenades in the grenade launcher because were to hard to see
  • Now players are allowed to unequip weapons to the default Hammer weapon
  • Now is not allowed to start a match alone without any bots
  • Now it is always shown a confirmation dialog before leaving the match
  • Only 1 slot for Casual game mode to reduce the spread of players between various game modes
  • Added the option to toggle FPS values separate from quality settings
  • Countdown timer on the Matchmaking screen for Ranked games when 10 players have joined the room to indicate when the game will start
  • Also shows for casual game rooms, when the match will start if the room is not filled up in time
  • Controls have been improved
  • Movement joystick is now dynamic, allowing for better control of movement (toggleable in Settings)
  • Special buttons have been reworked, and should work more reliably, and feel better to use and cancel special abilities.
  • Controls layout and scaling has been tweaked for better user experience across a wider range of devices. There is more work to be done here, and we will continue until controls feel great to use on all devices.

⚖ Balancing Changes ⚖

  • Adjectives (Regular, Cool, Ornate, Posh etc.) system was improved to be more straightforward and less confusing. Now the higher the adjective — the better. Chances of adjectives for Blastboxes was changed to reflect this.
    These are the number of bonuses that adjectives give for gear:

For weapons, all adjectives (except Regular) give only one bonus — to Attack.

And these are the chances for adjectives from Blastboxes:
Regular: 35%
Cool: 25%
Ornate: 18%
Posh: 12%
Exquisite: 6.5%
Majestic: 2.79%
Marvelous: 0.5%
Magnificent: 0.15%
Royal: 0.04%
Divine: 0.02%

We’ve also touched Factions so they are closer to each other in the strength of the bonuses they provide:

  • Dimensional faction, as being the most rare one, gives 100% strength of bonuses
  • Uncommon factions (Shadow and Celestial) give 92.50%
  • All other factions give 80%

To help you navigate the factions there’s a chart of what different factions are focused on in terms of bonuses, with bonuses mentioned in order of priority:

  • Order — Armour, HP, Attack
  • Chaos — Movement Speed, Pickup Speed, Attack
  • Organic — HP, Attack Range, Attack
  • Dark — Shields Capacity, Ammo Capacity, Attack
  • Shadow — Shields Capacity, Attack, Attack Range
  • Celestial — Armour, Attack, Movement Speed
  • Dimensional — Ammo Capacity, Attack, Pickup Speed

🗿 Materials 🗿 also got fixed so the higher the material the better. The scale of materials is the following, from lowest to highest:

  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • Carbo
  • Golden

🔩 We also improved the direction of various gear sets that we have:

  • Soldier set has an emphasis on Armour, while also giving bonuses to HP, Shields Capacity and Ammo Capacity
  • Warrior set has balanced stats
  • Mouse set has an emphasis on HP, while also giving bonuses to Attack Range and Shields Capacity
  • Riot set has an emphasis on Attack, while also giving bonuses to Attack Range and Ammo Capacity
  • Road set has an emphasis on Movement Speed, while also giving bonuses to Pickup Speed and Ammo Capacity
  • Baseball items help with Attack Range
  • Football items help with Movement Speed and Shields Capacity

💨 Default movement speed in Battle Royale was reduced: 300 → 275

🔋 Default HP in Battle Royale was reduced: 1000 → 600, to make it important to obtain HP through gear or have a risk of going into non-HP builds

  • Health Pack value in Battle Royale reduced from 400 to 250 accordingly

⚙ Default value for Maximum Shields Capacity in Battle Royale was reduced: 1600 → 1000. It’s to make room for bonus gains from equipment

⚙ Speed Up mutator was reduced: 40% → 30%

⚙ Healthy Air mutator was increased: 50 HP every 5 seconds → 100 HP every 3 seconds. With this mutator you can pay less attention to looking for health packs and increasing your HP in advance, while pushing into other stats

🔨 Weapons Changes 🔨

  • First of all, a big bug was fixed with how gear was giving attack bonus to weapons which caused weapons to be massively different to where they should be according to the balancing
  • In accordance with the above fix and other balancing changes, the base Attack stat of all weapons was reduced on ~75%


  • Delay between shots 0.6 → 0.8
  • It still has a powerful two burst shot, but opponents has a better chance to retreat if they survive the initial attack


  • Initial attack delay was 0.3 → 0.2
  • Attack to damage ratio 25% → 35%
  • Attack range 5 → 5.25
  • The benefit of this weapon lies in a fact that it can shoot a long time from a single ammo bar, about 40 seconds.

Assault Rifle:

  • Base Attack was reduced further on 20%

Hunting Rifle:

  • Minimal attack angle 3 → 8
  • Attack range 10 → 9.5
  • Ammo capacity 25 → 23
  • It is still powerful, but less accurate when standing and also can’t shoot as far and as long


  • Burst size 4 → 3 rockets
  • Accuracy angles min 10 → 25 and max 25 → 35
  • It’s now less accurate and less deadly from just one hit, however still powerful. A chaotic weapon


  • Attack to damage ratio 30% → 55%
  • Attack range 6 → 6.5
  • Ammo capacity 200 → 165
  • Base Attack was increased further on 20%


  • Attack to damage ratio 15% → 20%
  • Base Attack was reduced on 30%
  • Bullets per burst 8 → 7


  • Aim time 0.4 → 0.3
  • Ammo capacity 25 → 30
  • Attack range 10 → 11


  • Attack range 5.5 → 6


  • Attack range 7 → 7.5

Heavy MG:

  • Base Attack was reduced on 10%

Laser Pistol:

  • Base Attack was reduced on 15%

Needle Gun:

  • Attack to damage ratio 25% → 30%

Pulse Rifle:

  • Number of bursts 4 → 2
  • Attack to damage ratio 75% → 70%

Electron Thrower:

  • Attack cooldown 0.02 → 0.05
  • Attack to damage ratio 3% → 30%
  • Stun Grenade can be thrown further, 7 → 9

☠️ Deathmatch mode changes ☠️

  • Defaul Movement speed 400 → 375
  • Default HP 800 → 300
  • Healthpacks in restore less HP: 100 → 40
  • Default Shields Capacity 800 → 400
  • Shields Replenisher pickups on maps changed to small ones that restore 200 capacity

⬇️ You’re almost there! Read below for the bug fixes! ⬇️

🐛 Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Fixed an issue that caused 100% drop rate of equipment pieces even from low quality chests
  • Fixed an issue that would reward the wrong $CS in the end of the game sometimes
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes weapons would have double the range
  • Fixed the issue where Hammer would be influenced by the attack range bonus
  • Fixed an issue where gear would improperly add the attack bonus to the weapon
  • Fixed issues that would lock matchmaking for spectators in the matchmaking screen
  • Fixed an issue where spectators would never be able to leave the deathmatch game
  • Fixed an issue where spectators would crash the game when reconnecting to the match
  • Fixed an issue that when reconnecting to the game, the matchmaking screen wouldn’t disappear
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the camera to error out when skydiving to death in a battle royale match
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the health bars to be bad positioning when reconnecting as a player on a deathmatch match
  • Fixed the issue that would not enable players to leave the end of a deathmatch
  • Fixed the issues where some colliders would be too big on some battle royale zones
  • Fixed the issue that would make the match start when one of the player leaves the matchmaking screen
  • Fixed the issue where some collection animations and collection circles wouldn’t disappear after collecting the items or boxes
  • Fixed an issue where players that are not the master client of the room would be able to kick other players
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes some buildings would show the player with the incorrect graphics when inside
  • Fixed issues where sounds would either crash the game or play improperly in the wrong times
  • Fixed issues where bots would not collect weapons and other collectables in the middle of the match
  • Fixed issues where bots would still attack dead players and move in the wrong direction to players
  • Fixed issue that the block damage would be shown even when damage is given but very low
  • Fixed issues that wouldn’t allow to reconnect to the game in the matchmaking screen sometimes
  • Fixed issue that would make the shield values not to properly be set on respawn
  • Fixed issue that trying to kick an non existing player would crash the game
  • Fixed an issue that if a player tries to dash when re spawning during the deathmatch very quickly would create game problems
  • Fixed issue that would allow players to select a map zone after the Match is already locked to start
  • Fixed issue where Hammer cooldowns wouldn’t reset properly after respawning on deathmatch
  • Fixed issue where the Blimp Map would create errors on the matchmaking screen
  • Fixed with text and numbers being incorrect in the equipment screen for some equipment pieces
  • Fixed the issues that would make the deathmatch end if more than one player is alive
  • Fixed the sound being played when players change their weapons
  • Fixed issues while collecting things on the map that would crash the game randomly
  • Fixed sounds not playing when pressing the back button
  • Fixed visual problems on the bullets exploding behind the walls with ugly blue squares
  • Fixed the salsa dancing issue in the end of the match
  • Fixed issue that would cause the game to crash if you collect a weapon at the same moment you die
  • Fixed the issue where death feedback text in the UI wouldn’t be visible for very small screens
  • Fixed the issue where the UI wouldn’t reflect the current player being observed on the current progress to end
  • Fixed visual animations for the arrows on the matchmaking screen

You can check out a summary of the breakdown by game designer Tiryon.

We hope you enjoyed this breakdown on the new game update. We will continue to improve these features and plan to roll-out more very soon!

See you in the next update, till then keep BLASTING! 💥

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