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During the Blast Royale beta, some brilliant clans have joined our community who are all playing a part in forging a competitive scene in the game. Throughout this series of interviews, we chat to the leaders of these clans to find out about the early esports scene of Blast Royale. This week, we caught up with Gio — leader of the Peace Makers!

Hey Gio! Thanks for joining us today. So how did you start gaming? As a clan leader, are you a competitive esports player?

I got into gaming quite early in life (since 6 years old!). I found it entertaining and engaging! First it was just playing games on CD disks that my dad had stored somewhere, then it evolved to playing games downloaded from the Internet, as soon as I got access to my own PC. About esports — I wasn’t interested in the competitive scene that much, I’m more of a casual player, so I just play games for the fun and chaos of it.

That’s interesting! If you’re not a competitive player, what led you to create your clan?

My team was founded September 8th 2020. I’ve founded it with the intention of creating a safe space within a gaming community I was in (the game in question was called Battlelands Royale). The competitive scene of this game was quite toxic in my opinion, so I decided to create a team that would defy the ordinary aspects of clans in different ways, including: enforced friendly and mature behaviour, sportsmanship and different ways to perceive things in life. Generally speaking, the main idea revolved around peace. I wanted to offer people that one place where you could feel truly safe and welcomed.

That’s really cool — we love the idea of a peaceful clan! What is your clan’s biggest achievement so far?

Our influence on server members. For example, I remember hosting a tournament, partnered with the developers of Battlelands Royale. The event was named PAX ATTAX, and the concept was simple: it was a battle limited to only one of the available weapons in the game (from which we took our team name) — the peacemaker. Not only was it a fresh idea in the competitive community, but it also ‘released the inner peace’ within the participants, who otherwise behaved chaotically in other places from the community. I was extremely proud of how the event turned out — no disputes, no toxicity, everything according to plan, everyone was happy. This event made me feel like I truly have made a crack through the seemingly sturdy walls of the wider community.

Awesome, we’d love to see you host a similar event in Blast Royale one day! Which brings me to my next question…what brings you to Blast Royale?

Blast Royale is one of the several games our team is planning to support. However I’ve picked Blast Royale specifically because that’s where most of the players from the now defunct game Battlelands Royale went to. I wanted to stay in touch with some people, and also find out how communities outside Battlelands worked.

Great, we’re looking forward to seeing you and your clan on the battlefield! Is your clan recruiting new members at the moment? How would aspiring clan members join your roster?

Recruitment to our team is open to everyone. No skill requirements. We accept amateurs and professionals alike. The main point for representing our team is to promote the previously mentioned idea of peace. The process to join the team is simple: vow to promote peace. Behave with friendliness and maturity. And that’s all, welcome aboard the Peace Makers.

So Gio, personally what would you say is the most challenging aspect of being a clan leader?

Leading a team on Discord is closely tied to also administrating and moderating a Discord server. Everything starts from scratch. You have to design a server, make it attractive, share your idea behind the team (usually in the form of a slogan), and wait until some people catch your drift and join you on your journey. Surprisingly, the hardest part for me was not the beginning, but consistency. Our team fell into inactivity in the last year (since the moment Battlelands Royale got shut down); how do you move on from there? That’s where one of the main burdens of leading a team comes in — keeping it all alive. I’m not exactly the best when it comes to community management, but life is about challenges — we overcome them. Find your way to keep your place engaged, and you’ve won a fantastic community.

That’s great insight! Do you have any advice would you give to aspiring clan leaders?

Leading a team may sound extremely difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

Tip one: find out what you want to achieve with your team, strive for that one goal by any means necessary. A good head start comes in when you have a handful of people you know that share your idea. That’s how most teams successfully start out.

Tip two: creativity is rewarding. Make your own format of how the clan is going to be managed. Discord is very flexible with its tools, it allows you to customise your server in a TON of ways. Make the server in a way to ease your clan organisation. Offer something new to the community, something that’s never been seen before.

Tip three: do not give up. You’ll most definitely have roadblocks on your way to success. I personally am going through one right now! At first glance, when something falls apart, you might believe that all is over, because whatever fell apart damaged the integrity of the team, or its reputation. But nothing is truly lost forever. Recovery is possible. Prove yourself that you won’t stop your dreams from becoming reality. Keep going, king.

Any final words or shoutouts?

A shoutout definitely goes to Futureplay Games, the masterminds behind the legendary game that was Battlelands Royale. The perfect battle royale recipe for simplicity, entertainment, replayability, creativity, that inspired me to integrate with other players and create my own team.

A second shoutout goes to one of Futureplay Games’ members — Sami. Thank you so much for offering me the chance to moderate your community. The moderating experience that I’ve gone through opened my eyes to an improved perspective of life. When you have a wider view of how people behave and interact with each other, you learn many new aspects that help you in becoming a better person. I started noticing the wrongs that I once have done in the past, and rectified them.

Another shoutout goes to my team staff and members, who followed me through the ups and lows of our history and still vow to continue their support to the team. You’re legends.

To end this interview, I thank Blast Royale for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts to the world. Oh boy, what a convenient way to express clan leader thoughts it was. I hope the readers of this interview managed to learn a new thing or two, or even become inspired by these words. Thanks for reading. Peace!

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