Get ready for the latest update!


The Open Beta season is officially underway, and what better way to celebrate than by launching a brand new game update!

This game update just comes after the Beta Refresh with players now able to access the revamped Blast Hub.

More details on the refresh and hub can be found here,

So what can you expect in this new game update? ⤵️

✨ New Features ✨

  • New in-game store button. There is a button for our new in-game store however it will not be activated in this update.

🛠 Systems update 🛠

  • “Ranked” game mode will have bots again. We decided to bring them back for now while we don’t have enough concurrent players to fill the matchmaking
  • Matchmaking time in “Ranked” was reduced to 60 seconds
  • As our Bots aren’t yet great in Battle Royale, their Trophies will always be set to around 1000
  • Added option to delete the account in the account settings to give you more ownership of your First Light ID account

📈 Improvements 📈

  • Armor, Movement speed, Damage and Pickup speed stats visuals are now showing 2 digits after dot
  • Attack range stat is now showing 3 digits after dot
  • Winning Trophies VFX added to the Home Screen after the match is ended
  • Improved UI feedback when network errors happen during the account logout process
  • UI feedback added to improve the game state when game requests to quit the app. For iOS devices, it might not always quit the game but a visible screen will explain what to do next
  • Now the last selected game mode is maintained between game sessions. If the previously selected game mode is no longer available, the system will auto default to a new one

⚖ Balancing Changes ⚖

  • “Warrior” gear set was split into 5 bonuses which was a bit too much as each bonus in this case is tiny. That’s why the number of bonuses was reduced to 4, but each one got bigger. The following bonuses were removed:

WarriorAmulet — no Pickup Speed bonus

WarriorArmor — no Shields Capacity bonus

WarriorShield — no Movement Speed bonus

WarriorHelmet — no Ammo Capacity bonus

  • As Upgrading feature is available in the Blast Hub we fixed some issues so each level up is meaningful and change is visible. Particularly the potential max values of bonuses for Health, Attack and Shields Capacity got increased on around 100%

🐛 Bugfixes 🐛

  • Fixed some issues where the trophies calculations would proper be processed in the end of the match
  • Fixed issue that would drop a hammer from chests during the match
  • Fixed issue that would crash the game when opening chests or players would die with their weapons
  • Fixed issue that would allow the players to collect the airdrop mid-air
  • Fixed issue that would cause disconnects to happen in the end of the match or doing any action on the main menu
  • Fixed issue that would crash the game if errors happen during the account logout process
  • Fixed issues that would potentially crash the game when playing multiple matches in a row
  • Fixed issue where the green arrow weapon upgrade in the match wasn’t properly shown
  • Fixed issue that would crash the game during the match start or match exit
  • Fixed the issue that game would crash if a player dies in the exact moment is collecting or changing to a new weapon
  • Fixed an issue that text on the HUD would not work properly if changing spectators very quickly

How can I download the game?

As we are now in open beta testing, ANYONE can download the game in a click of a button. 👇


Hope you enjoyed reading the patch notes of this exciting update! See you in the next one, till then keep BLASTING! 💥

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