First Light Games partners with Machinations to ensure the success of the Blast Royale ecosystem


We are excited to share that we have partnered with Machinations, the world-leading platform to design and predict game economies and systems.

With their powerful tool and the awesome team, we will run continuously simulations of Blast Royale economy to highlight any potential issues well in advance and fix them before anyone notices. We will work together for the long term success of our metaverse.

Blast Royale joined the “Verified by Machinations” program to verify the economy based on large-scale simulations prior to launch, and continuously monitor and predict and alert on trends based on live players and market data after launch.

The Machinations team will check the economy and all systems inside out before they grant their seal of approval to the project. But it’s just the beginning. The Machinations team will help us monitor the economy all the time, and run simulations of all game updates before they go live to ensure that any changes in the economy meet the high standards.

A sneak peek of the WIP part of Blast Royale model inside Machinations tool

We at First Light Games are committed to the high quality and sustainability of Blast Royale. And with play-to-earn economies being extremely complex we knew that classic tools of the trade, like spreadsheets and math, are just not enough in this new era. By partnering with Machinations we get access to the cutting-edge powerful Monte Carlo simulation, visualisation and data analysis tools, as well as a whole team of professionals knowing how to model and continuously support bullet-proof economies at an immense scale.

If you want to know more about how Machinations approach the web3 challenges, visit:

What does this partnership bring to Blast Royale?

We’ve covered the basics, now let’s dive deeper into the details.

We consider Machinations not just a service, but almost an integral part of the core team. Our long-term relationship brings a lot of benefits for our ecosystem, such as:

  • Exhaustive modelling of the project, both inside the gameplay and outside of it, to ensure that the game is balanced, and the economy is healthy before it’s launched
  • Continuous feeding of live data into the model to fine-tune it and predict potential problems well in advance, including those that come from the overall state of the market outside of Blast Royale, like the price changes of cryptocurrencies
  • Regular sync-ups between the First Light and Machinations teams to assess the state of the ecosystem, look for potential improvements, and discuss solutions for identified issues
  • No economy update will go live before it’s properly modelled by Machinations experts and the positive effect of this change is confirmed with simulation data based on the current state of the game
  • A few awe inspiring animations of simulation in action. We’ve heard that certain cats love to watch those little circles of resources flying around the screen..

What is the approach to building a model of the economy?

As with all massive things, it’s usually better to divide them into smaller meaningful pieces, work on each one individually, and then integrate them one by one to eventually reach a final state where every little thing is accounted for.

That’s the approach that Machinations masterminds are using to conquer an economy of any size.

Step 1

It all starts with the journey of an individual player. That’s where the gameplay is dissected into resources’ drains and faucets, players’ motivations and goals, what players can and cannot do. And it goes far beyond the gameplay — to players buying and selling tokens, NFTs, etc.

Step 2

Not all players are equal, right? With the individual journey in place, that’s the time to carefully look at how various people interact with the ecosystem based on their playtime, end goals, resources, etc. Some people may prefer to spend their time mastering the replication system and trading on the marketplace, while others may spend hours just playing the game purely for fun.

In a collaborative process and with a lot of research and analysis we will define multiple cohorts of players, and these cohorts will have big differences in their player journeys, effectively leading to very different data.

Step 3

Now is the time to run millions of Monte Carlo simulations, essentially producing data for every time frame spent by (yet) imaginary players interacting with the Blast Royale ecosystem.

With all the data and charts on hand, we will identify areas of improvement, make adjustments and run the simulation again, to validate the adjustments made. It may be necessary to do a step back to change some game mechanics that will help us all make a few steps forward in the end towards a healthy and stable economy.

Step 4

When simulations proved that the economy is bulletproof, there is a final bit to do — double-check that the information in the whitepaper and other public documentation matches the economy. And that’s how the game becomes “Verified by Machinations”

A few more facts about Machinations

Founded in 2018, is the first and only browser-based platform used by more than 35.000+ professionals to design and predict game economies & systems for premium, free-to-play, and play-to-earn games. Machinations originated as a PhD research at the University of Amsterdam in 2012 by one of the co-founders. It has since spread organically through more than 400 academic institutions across the planet. With a fast-growing open community building in public and rolling out integrations with the most popular telemetry providers & markets, the platform is set to become the standard for game economy modelling, forecasting and optimisation.


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