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Greetings, everyone! Today is the official Soft Launch of the Mainnet Blast Hub and Game Update!

It’s a HUGE milestone for us as we are finally transitioning from testnet to mainnet after months of testing with the community. 🙌

Our teams have put an enormous amount of work into this project and we are excited for the community to enjoy this amazing event.

It has been a soft launch season full of hype activities. So before we get into the patch notes, let’s recap everything that happened:

📝 Blastlist campaigns

🎊 Fun giveaways + competitions


👬 2222 Lucky Blastlisted People

🎁 2 x Blastboxes

🖼 6 x NFTs

🎮 NEW Game Update

You have been amazing BLAST FAM throughout this journey, and we look forward to the exciting next chapter in our story. LFG 🚀

Let’s dive into the FUN new features of the latest Mainnet Game Update! 🧩 ⤵️

✨ New Features ✨

🖼 New! Way to play with NFTs!

  • Once NFT’s in the game are connected with the Polygon’s Mainnet, players are will be able to trade openly on the Blast Hub.
  • This means you will now be playing with items you actually OWN 🤩

📱New! Game Icon

  • Do you remember when we asked you to vote for your favourite game icon?
  • Well, the votes are in and we have implemented the icon that you guys WANTED. 🥳

💰 New! Currency added to the game — Coins

  • Keep the eyes open into future updates to see what you can do with this new currency… 👀

🤯 New! Mutators [Custom Games only]

• 🔨 Hammer Time

No guns will be present, ONLY Hammers.

• 🧭 Absolute Accuracy

All weapons will have perfect accuracy, aside from weapons with arc fire (like shotguns) which will always act as if you had stationary angle of fire

🪄 New! COOL & improved UI/UX

We will be updating some parts of the game’s look in each update. In this build we have:

🪄 New “Game Mode Selection” screen.

🪄 New Updated “Equipment Overview” screen & “Match Ended” visual

🪄 New discord button — so can now quickly jump to the Discord server right from the game.

🪄 New Updated “Custom Game” option is now part of this new screen.

🪄 New some small option windows have also been updated to the new style.

🛠 Systems update 🛠

  • Haptic (device’s vibration) now happens when you hit opponents, and not when you receive damage. There’s also a different vibration when you kill an opponent. If you’re not a fan of this feature — you can disable the vibration in the game settings.
  • You can now see your ammo bar even if you are carrying a melee weapon.
  • You can now hold the right stick without dragging to shoot in the direction of your movement.
  • Now the system rewards the player more consistency if there are few players in the match.
  • Bots now have 3 levels of difficulty and also changing their trophies accordingly: around 1000, 1100, and 1200
  • Deathmatch is no longer available as a Casual game mode in rotation. We decided to remove it for now to focus all our time and effort on Battle Royale game modes and other relevant systems.
  • You can still play Deathmatch in a Custom Game but we are pausing any support for the Deathmatch, so it might not work reliably. The last change we made to Deathmatch is accessibility to bring your loadout gear (but not a gun) into the Deathmatch.

📈 Improvements 📈

➡️ Revamped the re-connection and connection lost system.

  • Now the game allows to use the main menu while offline (still requires to be online to open the game and play a match)
  • Now the game will attempt to reconnect automatically to the servers even if losing the connection for 1 sec
  • Added feedback to the Game HUD to show the player if he/she is losing connection to the server or the lag is high
  • Server and Game client connection is now much more stable

➡️ In Custom Games you will see “None” in a dropdown list if no mutator is selected in the field

➡️ We did a lot of performance improvements to make the game run smoother in all devices across the board. Now the main menu and the match have a better frame rate and should have a better experience to all players

➡️ Within the session, your choice of settings in a Custom Game is remembered, as well as a last game mode you chose to play in

➡️ We got your feedback about the state of accuracy in the game, so we have tuned the accuracy of all weapons in order to allow them to be more accurate whilst moving. Additionally, we have introduced a new mechanic, where some weapons will gain increased range whilst standing still and aiming. To adjust for those changes we’ve made some balancing changes with weapons. More details are in the Balancing Changes section.

➡️ The home screen animations of the rewards UI/UX have been improved

➡️ Now the hammer ammo bar shows the player ammo instead of the animation cooldown

➡️ Improved the quit option during the game. Now players can only leave the match if is either a custom game match or the player is dead

⚖ Balancing Changes ⚖

  • Blast Pass Points values have been re-balanced to be more engaging. Generally, the beginning of the pass will be quicker, but then it will take more matches to complete steps
  • Default movement speed: 2.75 → 2.5


  • All guns range have been reduced by 0.5


  • Standing Accuracy: 5°→ 7°
  • Moving Accuracy: 25° → 15°
  • Damage 35%→ 75%
  • Movement speed whilst firing: 110% → 100%
  • The smg’s fire rate increases when you shoot continuously

Assault Rifle

  • Standing Accuracy: 7° → 3°
  • Moving accuracy: 33° → 15°
  • Damage 80% → 90%
  • Base Attack Power reduced by 30%

Hunting Rifle

  • Standing Accuracy: 8° → 3°
  • Moving Accuracy: 35° → 15°
  • Damage 120% → 60%
  • Base Attack Power increased by 100%
  • The hunting Rifle now gains +2 range whilst standing still


  • Standing Accuracy 10° → 7°
  • Moving Accuracy 35° → 25°
  • Movement Speed whilst firing: 50% → 80%
  • The minigun gains +2 range whilst standing still


  • Standing Accuracy 3° → 0°
  • Moving Accuracy 3° → 0°
  • Damage 50% → 70%


  • Standing Accuracy 20° → 15°
  • Moving Accuracy 20° → 15°
  • Base Attack Power increased by 25%
  • Movement Speed whilst firing: 100% → 110%


  • Standing Accuracy 7° → 0°
  • Moving Accuracy 7° → 0°
  • Base Attack Power increased by 65%


  • Standing Accuracy 3° → 0°
  • Moving Accuracy 3° → 0°
  • Damage 100% → 120%
  • Base Attack Power Increased by 33%

Grenade Launcher

  • Standing Accuracy 10° → 0°
  • Moving Accuracy 10° → 0°

Heavy Machine Gun

  • Standing Accuracy 15° → 7°
  • Moving Accuracy 15° → 7°
  • The heavy machine gun now fires 6 bullets in a rapid burst
  • Attack cooldown: 0.06 seconds → 0.33 seconds
  • To be clear this is 6 bullets every 0.33 seconds, which results in an overall similar, but FASTER firing rate for the weapon
  • Movement speed whilst firing: 75% → 33%

Laser Pistol

  • Standing Accuracy 5° → 7°
  • Moving Accuracy 35° → 7°
  • Burst fire count: 2 → 1
  • Multishot count: 1 → 2
  • This weapon no longer shoots 2 bolts in rapid succession, but instead shoots 2 bolts each time. Land both at the same time for bonus damage!

Laser Blaster

  • Standing Accuracy 7° → 5°
  • Moving Accuracy 40° → 35°
  • The laser blaster gains +3 range whilst standing still
  • The laser blaster’s attack speed will go up as you shoot continusously

Needle Gun

  • Standing Accuracy 15° → 3°
  • Moving Accuracy 35° → 30°

Laser Rifle

  • Accuracy angle while moving 15° → 1°
  • Damage 30% → 35%
  • Base Attack Power Increased by 6%
  • This weapon’s accuracy is better whilst moving but it gains extra range whilst standing

Pulse Rifle

  • Moving Accuracy 20° → 3°
  • Damage 70% → 80%
  • Base Attack Power Decreased by 25%

Plasma Cannon

  • Standing Accuracy 10° → 0°
  • Moving Accuracy 10° → 0°

🐛 Bugfixes 🐛

  • Fix an issue in the trophies calculation that would award/remove no trophies after a ranked match
  • Fix an issue when opening the app would show the screen flickering on some Android devices
  • Fix many issues that would cause the player to disconnect both during the main menu, matchmaking & match
  • Fix the score holder in the deathmatch game to fully reflect the player being spectated
  • Fix issue that sometimes would cause being projected very far when hit by a nuke
  • Fix some issues that would cause the player not get hit by bullets depending on his movement direction
  • Fix issues that sometime would make player or enemy player disappeared from the screen if they went in & out from the buildings very quick
  • Fix the visual feedback in the custom game screen. If no mutator is present, now it shows the text “None” instead of empty text
  • Fix issue that would allow players to cheat respawning in deathmatch matches if they clicked the button very quick
  • Fix issue that would not show the correct text for the spectate player, while still reflecting the previous player while the player was alive
  • Fix blimp map to show properly the leaderboard on the screen
  • Fix issue that would make the game crash sometimes if the player dies or collects something on the map
  • Fix issues that would make the battle pass button not clickable
  • Fix issues where some sounds could create errors and crash the game in some Android devices
  • Fix issues where players would be locked in the matchmaking screen if a player leaves or joins in the last second of the matchmaking
  • Fix issue where in the Leaderboard screen the player yellow colour would not update correctly
  • Fix issue where sometimes chests in the match wouldn’t drop your equipment if the equipment wasn’t an Non-NFT equipment
  • Fix issue that would allow a player to login or register the account if containing empty spaces
  • Fix issue where health and ammo bars wouldn’t initialize properly, making it useless during the match
  • Fix issue where some buttons or screens wouldn’t have proper sounds
  • Fix many issues where players spectating the match would crash the game
  • Fix issue where bots would drop before players joined the match

How can I download the game?

Download the latest update now👇

Not yet registered in our Blast Hub? Register today 👇

Hope you enjoyed reading the patch notes of this exciting update! See you in the next one, till then keep BLASTING! 💥

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