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4 min readJan 23, 2023


We have completely revamped the attributes and stats system in Blast Royale in the 0.11 update. This is a guide on how both gameplay and economy stats work in the new system. Please note: Any examples given in this presentation are not necessarily reflective of in-game values and are subject to change. Please check the 0.11 Balancing Update for more details on exact figures.

Gameplay Stats

Primary Stats vs Secondary Stats

Gameplay stats are split into two categories — primary stats and secondary stats.

Primary stats:

  • Attack power — Increases the amount of damage you deal
  • Max Health — Increases your maximum health pool
  • Shields Capacity — Increases the amount of shield pickups you can collect in a match

Secondary stats:

  • Armor — Increases the percentage of damage reduction
  • Ammo capacity — Increases your maximum ammo capacity. Note: this is shared by both your weapons
  • Movement Speed — Increases how fast you move
  • Pickup speed — Reduces the time it takes to pick up items
  • Attack range — Increases how far a weapon shoots

Attributes and stats

Each piece of equipment in Blast Royale has a series of attributes which affect different factors. Item, faction, rarity, and level affect Gameplay Stats, whereas Grade, Adjective and Durability affect Economy Stats. Material is purely a cosmetic stat.


The item itself determines the value of each primary gameplay stat. Different types of items will prioritise different primary statistics. Note: no item is mathematically better than any other in the overall volume of stats values it gives.


The faction attribute gives three different secondary gameplay stats in different combinations. Note: no item is mathematically better than any other in the overall volume of stats values it gives.

Rarity and Level

Finally, rarity and level increase your other stats to get the final gameplay stat values. Rarity is a major scale for base stats, level is a minor scale for base stats.

Higher rarity is almost always better now, except for some intersections. For example:

  • Common Level 8 is roughly as good as Common+ Level 1
  • Common+ Level 9 is roughly as good as Uncommon Level 1
  • The below image demonstrates all intersections and max levels for rarities.

Economy Stats

The attributes that affect Economy Stats are Grade, Adjective and Durability.


Grade affects how much Craft Spice (CS) you can take from a single match. The better the grade of an item, the more CS can be taken from a match of Blast Royale.


Every player has a CS pool, from which they receive CS at the end of every match. If the pool is empty, then no more CS can be earned by a player until the pool replenishes.

If you find yourself draining your pool every day then consider looking for higher Adjective attributes.

The number of NFTs you own overall also affects your CS pool — the more NFTs owned = the larger the CS pool.


Grades, Adjectives, and the number of NFT items you have in your inventory set maximum values for your CS take and pool.

Losing durability on NFT items in inventory reduces those values, and is calculated based on cumulative durability.

Tip: In order to maximise your CS take and pool, it’s better to keep your items repaired!

As of the 0.11 update, Rusting is inactive as we don’t want to let your items rust while we are making big changes, but the Durability stat will come into play when we activate Rusting in the future.



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