0.11 — New Features, Trophy System Update, Improvements, Bug Fixes and more!


The first Blast Royale update of 2023 is almost here and we’re excited to share the patch notes with you!

Let’s take a look at the details👇!

New Features

‣ New Blast Pass: Season 3

  • A List of changes related to the Blast Pass rewards can be found in the Balancing article.

‣ New app icon, bright and shiny!

Trophy System Update

‣ Trophies will be reset — all players above 1500 trophies will be reset to 1500

‣ Trophy system updated to be based on placement and kills in a match

‣ Every kill rewards 1.5 trophies; the final trophy calculation will be rounded down to the nearest whole number.

New trophy calculation based on placement in ranked match


‣ To tackle farming-bots eligibility to earn Craft Spice is now tied to reasonable gameplay actions — more details to follow after the update

‣ More collectables drop from killed enemies.

  • The more equipment an enemy has, once killed, the more consumables will be dropped
  • This is done to make fights less punishing, so after a good fight a player can replenish lost health etc.

‣ Global leaderboard style update

‣ Added an “i” button to the Equipment Details that will show you a tooltip with more information about attributes

‣ More responsive game controls

‣ Login screen simplified + added option to show/hide password

‣ Weapon Swap button now appears when you have just one gun

  • In this case it cycles between your gun and hammer

‣ More dynamic in-game camera

  • When you aim, the camera will move slightly in the direction of aiming
  • The camera in special-aiming mode was changed as well — it tilts but doesn’t zoom out

Bug Fixes

‣ Crashes on Android should become much less frequent, if not be eliminated completely

‣ Fixed a bug causing weapons to fire about 10%-20% slower than intended. Many of the automatic weapons should be more powerful than before and have a higher DPS.

  • We will be keeping an eye on how these changes affect the meta so be sure to give some different weapons a try!

‣ Multiple small fixes and polish on Home Screen and other screens

‣ Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented gliders from disappearing even after landing

‣ Fixed a few audio-related bugs

‣ Fixed a bug that capped all non-NFT equipment at level 10. Now max level properly depends on Rarity

‣ Fixed a bug when the collection animation was sometimes not resetting


That’s not all for 0.11! Make sure to read up on all the balancing changes that come with this update (link) and check out our new stats + attributes guide (link) to make sure you’re prepped to battle in The Wastelands!



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